Customer Reviews

“Aquos has done a great job over the past almost 3 years maintaining our 175 gallon freshwater planted aquarium and our considerably smaller neon tank (and we anticipate many more years to come). Jonathan has everything covered, from the usual regularly scheduled tank maintenance, to the extra stops when we are out of town. He even did a total conversion of our canopy from VHO fluorescents to highly efficient LEDs. We are very appreciative of the fact that while it’s getting harder to find freshwater tropical fish in the Raleigh area, he was able to get us some great additions to our community aquarium. Thank you!”
— Jon E.

“Aquos does some great work. Jonathan has kept our tank healthy and beautiful for almost four years now. I’ve been really impressed with how our corals and fish have thrived. Thanks!”
— Todd S.

“We have been using Aquos now for a couple months and we couldn’t be happier with them. They even helped move our fish tank and get it back up and running. Thanks for all the help!”
— Alex C.

“Thanks to Jonathan with Aquos our tank looks amazing! Our patients love it and have said it sparkles! Very prompt service and extremely thorough cleaning.”
— Kellie, REX Pulmonary

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