Service Options

Aquos provides its customers with a variety of fish tank service options and service packages that allow you to customize your aquarium maintenance.

Service rates will vary depending on tank size, location, and type of tank. For service estimates please call us at 919-896-2781, e-mail us at, or submit a Service Request.

Aquarium Service Options

Aquos aims to provide the best service possible that meets both your needs as a client and the needs of your aquarium. We’ll gladly discuss with you the best options for your tank. We provide the following services and more:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance
  • Vacation feeding and cleaning
  • One-time cleanings
  • Pre-holiday/event cleanings
  • Fish tank set ups or tear downs
  • Custom installations

We’re sorry, but at this time we do not repair leaky or broken aquariums.

Scheduled Maintenance

Call today to schedule regular maintenance for your aquarium. We’ve got a large service area and the initial consultation is FREE. Call or fill out the Request Service form to get started.

Aquarium Maintenance Services

The following services are included in your aquarium service rate:

  • Cleaning of aquarium surface and cabinetry
  • Cleaning of filtration components as needed
  • Cleaning/bleaching of decorative pieces as needed
  • Water changes
  • Monitoring of water quality and water testing
  • Monitoring of livestock health
  • Livestock disease diagnosis (Cost of medication is not included.)

Aquarium Products

The following products are included in your aquarium service rate according to the terms of your tank maintenance program:

  • Salt
  • RO water
  • Basic water conditioners
  • Pre-filter media
  • Calcium, KH, and carbon